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Photo: Keith Secola and Floyd Westerman 2006/Photo Brenda Norrell
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--Uncensored News Awards for 2007
--Floyd Westerman takes flight to the Spirit World
--Homeland Security plans to seize southern Texas land, including Lipan Apache, by eminent domain
--Alcatraz Sunrise Gathering 2007
--Indigenous Border Summit of Americas, Nov. 7 -- 10, 2007
--Zapatistas North American Summit and Intercontinental Summits in Mexico in October
--Privatizing misery, deporting and imprisoning migrants for profit
--Life and death on the border, 'No significant impact'
--Mohawks unite with Venezuela's Hugo Chavez to fight colonial oppression
--Texas migrant prisons, photos
--US soldiers smuggling cocaine at US/Mexico border
--Corporate vultures at the border
--Boeing/Israeli spy towers aren't working at Arizona border
--O'odham graves dug up for border barrier construction
--Dakota Region: America's Secret Chernobyl
--Priests face prison to expose torture in Arizona
--UN calls for second Indigenous Border Summit

El Mayor, Cucapa, Baja Mexico
Photo Brenda Norrell

Cucapa in Mexico carry out fishing rights with international observers:

With $25 million payment, Chiquita washes its hands of Death Squads it hired

American Indian musicians in concert to save Intertribal Friendship House in Oakland and its rich history:

Concerts to save Oakland Intertribal Friendship House

Federal court rules against sewage snow at Snowbowl, cites American Indian religious freedom

Mayans cleanse area after Bush visit 

link Mayans cleanse land

"Yellow Dust"
Video short at You Tube: In the beginning, Navajos were given a choice of yellow corn pollen or the yellow dust in the rocks. Navajos chose pollen and were told by the Holy Ones that the uranium would bring evil if disturbed in the ground:

Indigenous Peoples Day in Phoenix Monday, March 12, 2007

Guerrilla Network News: Desert Rock protest continues

Cucapa and Quilihua video link

Spanish: Enlace Zapatista

Yaqui in Sonora ban pesticides

Reporters Without Borders/Sonora link

Protecting Medicine Lake: links to articles on protest in San Jose

The United States blacklisted Buffy Sainte Marie and put her out of business. Here's Buffy singing "Universal Soldier." Buffy live in 1970:

"You Tube" video link

Buffy Sainte Marie's censored 1999 interview

Counterpunch: Indigenous call for global ban on uranium mining

IRC Americas: "Indigenous call for global ban on uranium mining" link

TRESPASSING: the film you didn't see at Sundance

Navajos struggle to protect homeland from 'fat cats': Dooda Desert Rock Blog

Leonard Peltier: When the Truth doesn't matter

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